Pre- and Post-Deployment Static Analysis

Harness Dedaub’s static analysis and formal erification to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your smart contracts against emerging threats. Analyze smart contracts, utilizing push-button formal verification, statistical learning, and static analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities by checking all possible contract states and paths.

  • Formal verification
  • Statistical learning
  • Static analysis

Precise vulnerability detection, DeFi insights, cryptographic scrutiny, and statistical contract analysis.

Our static analysis tools have the ability to identify and flag numerous potential bugs or bad smells in Solidity code. If you want to narrow down your search to contracts that have been flagged as having a vulnerability of a specific type, you can do so by selecting from the warning type dropdown list.

Static Analysis Tools | Dedaub Security Suite

Declarative Program Analysis

Advanced techniques allow for scalable and precise analysis across the entirety of the Ethereum blockchain.

Static Analysis Tools | Dedaub Security Suite

Extensive Library of Analyses

Over 80 targeted analyses, continuously updated to address new vulnerabilities and patterns.

Static Analysis Tools | Dedaub Security Suite

Cross-Transaction Threat Detection

Pioneer in detecting vulnerabilities requiring coordination across multiple transactions, a critical aspect of modern smart contract security.

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