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$0 / month
Blockchain users & sleuths, developers
Personal Account
Create a free account to unlock the potential of Dedaub EVM Decompiler.
Access to the leading smart contracts decompiler. (Usage limits may apply.)
Public Security Alerts: sign up for alerts from existing public bots. Stay ahead of potential threats.
Address Book: Gain comprehensive insights with our expanded book of on-chain addresses, including detailed contract interactions, historical transactions, and more. Define address lists and labels.


$99 / month
Single developer building projects
Personal Account
Get access to in-depth analysis for smart contracts in development.
Everything in Free Plus
Vulnerability analysis for contracts under development: static analysis, fuzzing, statistically uncommon permission/API use patterns. Single user, unlimited use (for up to 2 independent codebases / repositories)


$990 / month
Small protocol team
5 team members
Get access to continuous monitoring service to detect or react to on-chain activity.
Everything in Individual Plus
Enhanced vulnerability analysis for contracts under development: Github action integration, increased limits (5 users, 10 independent codebases / repositories).
Transaction monitoring: define and execute queries/real-time bots over on-chain transactions. Custom actions via webhooks. (Some limits apply to number of active bots, size of data kept.)
Professional service package (up to 2 hours monthly).
Crypto billing


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Large project/enterprise
Custom Team Size
Get extra tools with Security Suite Full Access - unlimited protocol monitoring and integration capabilities.
Everything in Team Plus
Ecosystem-wide analysis: analyze, query all deployed contracts in multiple supported blockchains.
Unlimited projects (codebases / repositories under development). Vulnerability analysis API access.
Enhanced transaction monitoring: low-latency alerts, API access, virtually no limit in active bots, data kept.
Define and manage on-chain protocols. Per-protocol reporting.

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