Smart Contract Tools | Dedaub Security Suite

Smart Contract Tools for Continuous Security

Static Analysis and fuzzing for Project - Pre-deployment and post-deployment.
Monitor deployed blockchain projects with high-fidelity surveillance.
Decompile and understand contracts without public source or ABI, viewing in Solidity-like format.

Smart Contract Security Technology for Web3 Projects

Dedaub Security Suite is a collection of smart contract tools that offers continuous safety checks, combining automated analysis, dynamic monitoring, and statistical learning.

Maintains smart contract explorer decompiled database.

Performs hundreds of custom security analyses.

Monitors state and combines it with code information.

Recognizes deployment of new contracts associated with a protocol.

Preview transactions before executing on-chain.

Filter and search our extensive contracts database using specific criteria.


Get The Most Popular Bytecode Decompiler

Understand the logic of contracts deployed with no source or ABI publicly available (such as profitable MEV bots). You can view the contract in Solidity-like representation, extract their ABI, read / write functions, or decompile bytecode on demand.

Static Analysis Tools

Pre- and Post-Deployment Static Analysis

Analyze smart contracts, utilizing push-button formal verification, statistical learning, and static analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities by checking all possible contract states and paths.

Web3 Monitoring | Dedaub Security Suite

Web3 Monitoring with Dedaub Security Suite

Monitoring and Alerting Monitor on-chain projects with fully-customizable agents written in an extended SQL language. Monitoring focuses on detecting and reacting to on-chain activities, and the language features time-series constructs and just-in-time blockchain data decoding for powerful but efficient monitoring agents.

Static Analysis Tools | Dedaub Security Suite
Decompiler API

Decompiler API

The Dedaub Decompiler API offers a robust interface for decompiling Ethereum smart contracts from bytecode back to readable Solidity syntax. This API is part of the Dedaub Security Suite, which integrates advanced program analysis tools to enhance smart contract security.