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About Dedaub

Dedaub helps secure some of the world’s leading blockchain protocols. Dedaub combines high-end security, blockchain, and program analysis research and a real-world attacker mentality to reduce risk and fortify code.

The Dedaub team has a strong research background and seeks to both understand existing blockchain protocols as well as to expand knowledge on program analysis and blockchain infrastructure. Our security research team is composed of experts in program analysis, compilers, cryptography, mathematics and finance with a keen eye for applying research and developing custom tools to enhance our capabilities. As an application security engineer, you will be part of a skilled team that reviews code running on programmable blockchains, most notably on Ethereum. 


– Reviewing complex, high-assurance smart contract code.
– Advise our clients to make informed decisions about risk to their systems. 
– Provide value to our clients through your expertise and experience to assist the team in helping then solve hard security problems.
– Apply your engineering skills to build custom tools to rapidly assess, explore, or secure the code that we work with.
– Continually enhance your skills by engaging in personal and professional development opportunities.

Skills Sought

– Experience with low-level software, either as an engineer or security researcher.
– Background in computer science or math to read relevant academic research.
– Background in or prior regular use of programming language theory a plus.
– Mathematical aptitude, able to understand mathematical models for financial instruments.
– Familiarity with lean development, Github, and modern software engineering practices.
– Proficiency in one or more programming languages (we use Solidity, Python, Datalog, C++ and Go).
– Strong debugging skills and/or experience with reverse engineering.
– Ability to communicate well, orally and in writing, and to participate in deep technical discussions.
– Self-motivation and ability to drive new projects.
– Motivation to learn new technologies.


– Internationally competitive salary
– End-of-year bonuses based on company, team, and personal performance
– Remote & flexible working arrangements
– Research Opportunities
– Personal equipment of your choice

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About Dedaub

Dedaub, at the forefront of Web3 security, is driven by a deep commitment to excellence and innovation in the smart contract and DeFi space, blending academic insight and practical, hacker-oriented strategies.