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Dedaub Showcases its Web3 Security Technology at ETHDenver 2024

By Giorgio Bonuccelli
Dedaub Booth 251 Devtopia ETH Denver 2024 2
Visit Dedaub at Booth #251 in Devtopia at ETHDenver 2024

Dedaub is excited to be an ETHDenver sponsor. At the conference, Dedaub will showcase its advanced security technology solutions, discuss the safety of Web3 applications, build partnerships, and share insights to enhance security standards within the Web3 ecosystem.

Visit Dedaub at Booth #251 in Devtopia at ETHDenver 2024!

Dedaub's booth, #251, can be found in the vibrant Devtopia space. We invite technology enthusiasts to visit and attend one of the Suite demos, where we'll explore the cutting-edge capabilities of static analysis, formal verification, Monitoring, and Alerting service.

In the demo, you will have the opportunity to learn about our tools that utilize formal analysis and statistical learning to examine possible states and paths of Smart Contracts, efficiently identifying vulnerabilities. Additionally, you will see how our customizable agents can provide essential insights into on-chain activities. Check out the Demo calendar on our Dedaub booth playbook.

Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to interact with our team and discover how we can safeguard your Web3 projects.

Spotlight | Dedaub Talk

One of the main events during Dedaub's participation at ETHDenver 2024 will be a talk by co-founder Yannis Smaragdakis, a respected authority on blockchain security. The presentation is scheduled for February 29, 2024, at 4:25 PM: "All Your Contract Are Belong to Us: Analyzing All Deployed SCs"

Every time there is a need to analyze a large number of Smart Contracts, Dedaub is the default partner--in war rooms, Ethereum Foundation impact studies, and widespread bugs.

Dedaub has built on its leading EVM decompiler to produce technology for querying all EVM smart contracts ever deployed. The talk will go over cool recent cases:

About ETHDenver 2024

ETHDenver 2024, known as the Year of the SporkWhale, will occur in Denver from February 23 to March 3, 2024. It aims to turn the city into a hub for blockchain innovation. ETHDenver is a community-owned innovation festival powered by SporkDAO that offers a variety of activities, including workshops, technical presentations, bootcamps, and networking parties. Learn more.