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A Six-Year-Old Solc Riddle

In late October, we received a request to work on a project unlike any we've had before.

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Ethainter: A Smart Contract Security Analyzer for Composite Vulnerabilities

Technical paper on our analysis technology for tainted contract guards. Interesting observations on symbolic execution vs. static analysis approaches.

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Precise Static Modeling of Ethereum 'Memory'

Research article on our analysis technology, especially the modeling of "memory" in EVM smart contracts.

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Ethereum Foundation EIP-1884 bounty

Received bounty from the Ethereum Foundation for our analysis of the gas impact of EIP-1884.

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Gigahorse: Thorough, Declarative Decompilation of Smart Contracts

Research article, at ICSE'19 conference, describing our decompiler.

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Bad Randomness Is Even Dicier than You Think

Trivial Exploits of Bad Randomness In Ethereum, and How To Do On-Chain Randomness (Reasonably) Well.

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MadMax: Surviving Out-of-Gas Conditions in Ethereum Smart Contracts

Research Article, distinguished paper award at OOPSLA'18 conference, later appeared as "Research Highlight" in the Communications of the ACM.

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